CoESS publishes recommendations for the upcoming EU C-UAS Package

With this paper, the Confederation of European Security Services (CoESS) follows up on the European Commission’s roadmap on “EU Security – Countering the Threat from Drones”, in support of the future actions to be announced in the upcoming Communication on C-UAS. Based on input received from experts across Europe, the EU security industry associations recommends that these actions focus on (1) addressing legal uncertainty for C-UAS missions; (2) the need for clear roles, responsibilities and processes when countering drones in Critical Infrastructure and public spaces; and (3) operational support and funding for C-UAS and related data. 

The paper aims to facilitate the understanding of EU decision-makers and stakeholders about the realities in C-UAS missions in Europe, and respective needs for action at EU-level against the background of an upcoming European Commission Communication on this matter.

CoESS particularly welcomes the mapping exercise of possible regulatory barriers in C-UAS, announced by the European Commission. Security companies across the EU Member States report legal uncertainty when it comes to the performance of C-UAS missions, although there is market demand from private and public clients in many countries. At the same time, unknown drones are a substantial dynamic threat to the resilience of Critical Infrastructure, with potential cross-border consequences. CoESS therefore recommends the European Commission to evaluate adjustments to existing EU legislation, such as the European Regulatory Framework for Drone Operations and the Directive 2022/2557 on the Resilience of Critical Entities (CER Directive).

Read the full paper here.

Contact: Alexander Frank, Head of EU Affairs,