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Anticipating, Preparing and Managing Employment Change in the Private Security Industry. A joint project from CoESS and UNI-Europa, with funds of the European Union.

In October 2018, CoESS and UNI Europa published a joint report on “Anticipating, Preparing and Managing Employment Change in the Private Security Industry”, which was part of a European Commission funded project.

Like many other sectors, the private security industry, its businesses and employees are faced with a series of disruptive trends that are radically altering the economic, societal, and technological environment in which the industry operates. The many drivers – whether digitalisation, demographic change and skills mismatches, or a changing security threat environment – will undoubtedly result in a mix of incremental transformations in the business environment for private security providers, impacting market demand, future business models and operations.

The report presents an overview of the state of private security companies in Europe, the diverse factors impacting our business from economic and employment conditions to societal developments and emerging threats, as well as how CoESS and UNI Europa believe these challenges need to be addressed.

The follow-up on the findings and policy recommendations of this project are an incremental part of the ongoing social dialogue.

The "Executive Summary" and "Powerpoint presentation" of this project can be downloaded (at the right side) in 5 languages: English - French - Spanish - German - Italian.