Critical Infrastructure Protection: CoESS speaks at CIPRE

For the 3rd time in October 2023, this year in Prague, Catherine Piana spoke at CIPRE, the Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience conference in Europe. She introduced the joint paper by the International Security Ligue and CoESS on “Cyber-Physical Security and Critical Infrastructure” and moderated several sessions. 

The CoESS CIP Committee Chairman, Jean-Philippe Bérillon, also spoke in a session about the protection of the supply chain against external and insider threats.

The conference looked at a wide range of threats on Critical Infrastructure, including communication, transport, energy and gave an outlook of current technologies that may help countering these threats.

Next year’s CIPRE will take place in Madrid from 12 to 14 November and a call for papers is open until 31 March. CoESS will support the conference again and be present for the whole conference with presentations and panel moderation.