Marc Pissens appointed as Strategic Advisor for Aviation Security

ICTS International N.V, a long standing and a trusted global leader in security technologies and services that specializes in aviation security and other airport related services as well as front-end and online ID authentication and screening technology solutions for commercial and government markets, announced today that it has appointed Mr. Pissens as a Strategic Advisor for aviation security.

Mr. Pissens will work collaboratively with I-SEC International Security B.V., a 100% daughter company of ICTS International N.V, to strategically explore potential partnerships that would be the optimal strategic fit for successful entry into each of I-SEC Internationals contemplated market segments. Mr. Pissens will also advise I-SEC International on the Companys global expansion strategy.

Management Commentary

"Mr. Pissens is a globally recognized business visionary with a strong track record of constructive engagement to generate accelerated, profitable growth and shareholder value across many industry  verticals that are of great interest to us," said Mart Vergouwen, CEO of I-SEC International Security B.V. "Like us, Mr. Pissens also takes a long-term view of value creation to benefit  all stakeholders. We are looking forward to work with Mr. Pissens to further extend our global portfolio by aligning I-SEC International with each of the major market segments the group is set to impact."

Furthermore, in a post Pandemic world, it will be leadership and resilience, which will determine if I-SEC International get out stronger and fit for the future, “There’s been big changes due to Covid-19 and there’s a new reality to which we need to adapt to” Vergouwen says.

Mr. Pissens will join us in a more direct capacity as we seek to broaden I-SEC International’s vision and strategy. He is a widely respected leader and entrepreneur in our industry and his insights  and direction will be invaluable as we head into the next phase of our growth," noted Mr. Vergouwen.

Mr. Pissens

As the former President of Securitas Transport Aviation, Mr. Pissens has a strong track record of creating and growing businesses across Europe, USA, and the emerging markets. He brings over 40  years’ experience in Aviation Security, Intelligence Analysis, Emergency Management, Physical Security, and Close Protection. He has been at the forefront of innovation in the industry and has been active in the European Markets, as well as the US, Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific Regions where he successfully laid the foundations for the future.

In addition, Mr. Pissens served 18 years as the Chairman of the CoESS (Confederation of European Security Services) where he was instrumental in the professionalisation of private security across Europe. Today, Mr. Pissens is an Honorary Chairman on the Board of CoESS.

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