Presentation at Council of Europe: Anticipating Change Project

Following an invitation by Agora and IESAS, the “Institut Européen des Sciences Avancées de la Sécurité” (European Institute of Advanced Security Studies), Eduardo Cobas presented on behalf of CoESS the key findings and recommendations of the Anticipating Change Project on 20 June at the Council of Europe in Strasburg.

The joint project of CoESS and UNI Europa, with funding from the European Union, presents an overview of the state of private security companies in Europe, the diverse factors impacting our business from economic and employment conditions to societal developments and emerging threats, as well as how CoESS and UNI Europa believe these challenges need to be addressed.

Eduardo Cobas, CoESS President of the Social Dialogue Committee, highlighted the values of the private security industry and CoESS’ dedication to social dialogue. Today’s key drivers of change for our industry would be demographics, globalisation, technology, terrorism and the widening of private security missions. To effectively address these, progress on quality standards in the procurement of security services and public-private partnerships would be key – among others. Eduardo Cobas further gave a best practice example of respectively existing private security regulation in Spain.

CoESS’ presentation was accompanied by a tour through the Council of Europe in Strasburg and a presentation of Philippe Chaise, Head of Safety and Security at the Council of Europe.

Find more information on the Anticipating Change Project here.