Projects and Standards

CoESS is part of an EU-funded project consortium to raise quality in Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) services. 

The consortium is led by Palmyra Aviation Advisors and consists of Securitas Transport Aviation Services, Securitas Transport Aviation Security, A-CS Poland, Campus Vesta and Elnoro.

The project, financed by the EU's Internal Security Fund (ISF-Police) shall raise quality in Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) services – including the following activities over 2 years:

  • Creation of a European EDD Certification Standard
  • Launch of a Regional EU Certification Centre for EDDs for law enforcement and private security services
    • Private Security Companies interested in certifying their EDD Teams with an EU certificate (free of charge except travel & accommodation) are invited to get in touch with the project leader on
    • Detailed information is available in the RECCEDD Private Security Information booklet
  • Training of up to 1000 EDDs in France, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Poland

Photo by Lewis Wilson on Unsplash