SNES and USP merge to « Groupement des Entreprises de Sécurité »

On 5 June 2019, the Constitutive General Assembly of the new French security companies’ association “Groupement des Entreprises de Sécurité” (GES) was held, resulting from the merger of the former SNES and USP.

All members of the current SNES and USP Boards became members of the interim GES Board of Directors, which already elected the following members of the newly established secretariat:

  • Frédéric Gauthey (Prosegur France), President;
  • Cédric Paulin, Secrétaire Général;
  • Elias Nahra (Safety Triumph), Vice President and President of the College of Large Enterprises;
  • Mourad Chenaf (Octopus Security), Vice President and President of the College of Medium Enterprises;
  • Abdelhamid Faddeoui (Ateos Security), Vice President and President of the College of Small Businesses;
  • Frederic Laisney (Challancin), Treasurer;
  • Luc Guilmin (Securitas France), Deputy Treasurer.

Pascal Pech, President of SNES, emphasised the great satisfaction of the SNES Board of Directors to achieve the necessary merger of the former two French private security associations. Claude Tarlet, President of USP, highlighted that with a united association the security industry will be able to speak with one powerful voice to French administration, policymakers and corporate clients.

Please find further information on the next steps on the websites of SNES ( and USP (

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